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The Fabulous Dance Machine

Jesús «jet» Turiño, an autodidactic musician, composer and networker, lives and works in Lucerne. His bass music, formed to a rhythmic sound machine through effects and loop equipment, is unique and distinctive. He is one of the few Swiss bass players that mixes both free improvisation and groove into a unique style. Since the early 80s, Jet Turino, has played as a bassist and electro musician in Spain, Germany and Switzerland at over 500 concerts and been involved in numerous studio projects.
In 1999 he initiated the «colectivo»; a Lucerne based network of artists from different disciplines. Several projects in the areas of music, culture, theatre and socioculture have followed. Alongside his current project, «The Fabulous Dance Machine», he also composes, arranges and produces CDs, soundtracks for homepages, films and theatre, as well as being involved in a multitude of other projects.

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