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Werner Hasler

Werner Hasler (FL/CH), composer, accomplished trumpet player and seasoned electronic musician is based in Berne.

He collaborates with long standing musical partner Kamilya Jubran and runs the outer string.
With the outer string he has been working on hybrids of exhibition/installation and live performance lately. His most recent work OUT THERE completes a trilogy. OUT (2016), OUT TOO (2018) and OUT THERE (2019) are space filling, audio-visual installations including live sets with audio-surround. Hasler also lectures on Electronics & Music at Hochschule der Künste in Berne.

The outer string is playing new music in extraordinary spaces and has featured artists:
Carlo Niederhauser – cello
Vincent Courtois – cello
Marie Schmit – cello
Julian Sartorius – drums
Christoph Steiner – drums
Franck Vaillant – drums
Video art by: Hugo Ryser – Optickle, Arno Oehri, Fred Poulet, Marlene Hirtreiter, Andre Mayr, Chloe Le Grand,

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler
Kamilya Jubran vocals and oud
Werner Hasler – trumpet and electronics

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