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Is that club music we hear from Daniel Wihler and Jakob Stoller of Bern? No doubt about it. Only this project ventures at times into other realms and shows both its experimental and ambient side. The music of Tastatur defies classification. The pioneering spirit is what counts here: sounds are tried out, traced and fiddled around with. Wihler and Stoller have been at it since 2007; what began as a live project has evolved into a full-length album.
On the club scene, Daniel Wihler is known as Alphatronic and Mustfuzz and has published his music on labels such as Inzec or Anthony Rother’s PSI49net. Jakob Stoller, better known as DJ Ramax both at home and abroad, has also put out a handful of releases. While Wihler has a flair for atmospheric music, Stoller leans toward a playful dance floor sound; this contrast is the driving force of Tastatur. Fragments of dub, disco, house, electro and break-beats are shredded, chewed up and translated into forward driving bass lines. And now and then a dreamy atmosphere takes flight. Sometimes Tastatur rattles and clatters, other times it hums and swings you through the night.

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