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MRI are nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Music Award 2012

Patricia Bosshard and Simon Grab have both been delighted of the harsh sounds of the MRI scanner, when they ended up in the magnetic resonance tube at a hospital due to an accident. Bosshard and Grab, always in the research of the unheard, translate this unusual acoustic situation into music.

Patricia Bosshard (1965) is a composer and violoniste from Lausanne, having a musical background both in jazz as well as in electronics. Besides numerous gigs in the free impro-scene, Bosshard collaborates with the video artist Nicolas Wintsch, composes orchestral music for film. She recently produced the acoustic signals for the Metro M2 in Lausanne.

Simon Grab (1971), co-founder of ganzerplatz studios, has been an active musician, soundartist and producer in a wide range of musical contexts, from noise performances to radio experiments, as a producer of westafrican clubsounds or composer for film- and theatre soundtracks. Simon Grab lives and works, at least in summer, in Zürich.

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