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Formed in 2002 in Jura, Switzerland by Jean-Vincent France-Soir and Paul Arbear, dashing little mounts wild as the Far West, this blazing electro duo quickly became famous for its eclectic musical approach. Starting off as a slow trot 100% rock star attitude, their first auto produced release (2004), they played a number of shows that allowed them to make a name for themselves all the way to Bern, the Swiss capital. Guests during the Contemporary Culture Convention IV in 2004, at the Reitschule (predestined place as a former equestrian school) in the middle of a troop of Swiss artists, they make the audience neigh. A nourishing period for the little poneys that leave many little dungs on several compilation records.
In 2006 they meet Julien Fehlmann an strict trainer with a fine ear and a beautiful recording studio. The contact quickly becomes complementary and intimate between the man and the animals.

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