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British song musician Merz won’t be pinned down. Merz (real name Conrad Lambert) has released four albums since his electronic eponymous debut, each garnering him heavyweight acclaim as a peerless contemporary balladeer. After huge hype and a major label release in 1999, he walked away from the deal and disappeared completely. Returning from self-imposed exile in 2005, he released second album Loveheart on UK indie label Gronland, a work that won him renewed respect, then scaled the iTunes charts in the USA with follow-up album Moi et Mon Camion in 2008, solidifying his reputation for heartfelt tunes, intricate production and enigmatic displays of multi-instrumental talent. His fourth album, No Compass Will Find Home, was recorded in the Swiss Alps and produced by electronic pioneer Matthew Herbert. A progressive, wild and ragged record with a unique kind of psychedelia, it was released on Accidental Records in January 2013 and subsequently gave birth to his latest collaboration, drum and vocal renditions of No Compass Will Find Home by Swiss experimental drummer, Julian Sartorius.

Merz’s previous collaborations have included Paul Hartnoll from Orbital, London guitarist and composer Leo Abrahams, Will Gregory from Goldfrapp, Producers Markus Dravs, Marius De Vries, Tim Simenon, Bruno Ellingham. In the past year Merz has worked with artists as varied as cult electronic composer Dimlite and UK beatmaker Dan Le Sac to Balearic-electro producer Tythe and Norwegian folk songstress Anne Marie Almedal

Recent airtime support of Merz has included Gilles Peterson, Lauren Laverne, Guy Garvey, Eddy Temple Morris, John Kennedy and long-time US-fans KCRW Radio.

Listen to Merz’s latest album No Compass Will Find Home, 2013 Accidental Records.

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