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KiKu was founded by trumpeter Yannick Barman and percussionist Cyril Regamey. The two musicians met during their studies at the academy of music in Lausanne. Both Barman and Regamey are very fond of improvised music and composing and thus decided to found an acoustic duo and fly to New York, where musical encounters took place and were multiplied.
In February 2003 KiKu matured further because of an experiment at the Theatre de l’Orientale in Vevey (CH). During 20 evenings the duo had to create a sound and an identity, which formed a solid basis for further musical enquiries.
In the meantime KiKu has completely abandoned its acoustic roots and Barman and Regamey enriche their music with electronic sounds, which are produced by machines, loops and computers. Thanks to sampling the two musicians achieve in real-time a multiplication towards infinity.
The mixture of timbre, improvisation and compositional elements brings KiKu close to classical chamber music and takes the listener on a journey through unknown soundscapes.

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