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Hemlock Smith & Les Poissons Autistes

Hemlock Smith and Les Poissons Autistes discovered each other on the Web-Sampler « Bon pour les Oreilles Vol. 2 » that the swiss magazine « L’Hebdo » compiled in 2007. Normally, those two projects should never have met; the gentle Pop of the former and the noisy landscapes of the latter seem way too far apart, but a mutual attraction developed nevertheless, almost at once. Maybe it’s the haunting melancholy that is present on both shores… The desire to collaborate came to life and, after a few interesting demos, Hemlock Smith and Les Poissons Autistes are
now proud to present the result of their teamwork, aptly titled “Three Times Dead”. Hemlock Smith is the project of singer/songwriter Michael Frei, active in Lausanne, Switzerland. His music, anchored somewhere between Pop, Rock, Folk and Jazz, tells darkly ironic stories, sung with a gentle voice. “A Secret Life” (2002) and “Umbrella, Fitz & Gerald” (2006), his two albums so far, managed to create a discreetly captivating universe. A third album is currently due for release in early 2009.

Les Poissons Autistes, founded in 2001, are a duo; Stéphane Babey and Philippe Simon, travelling back and forth between Lausanne and Geneva. Their enthusiasm for sonic landscapes became stronger and stronger every year; recorded with guitar, bass, trumpet, accordion and empty beer cans, thereafter dismembered and lovingly reassembled in their laptops, they made several albums, the last of them being titled “Mal Foutu” (2007) (although several new projects are already heating up their harddisks).

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