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Feldermelder is the one-man project of Manuel Oberholzer, which he started in 2001. He first got in touch with electronic music through the almighty Amiga 500 in the late 80’s. Years of experimentations and a heap of useless, he now found his unique formula for darkish mixture containing elements of French piano-cafe-music and atomic sound scapes. By merging different analog sound sources with the infinite world of computers, he keeps his sound alive and digitally sophisticated at the same time. Besides that he is prone to occasional speedmetal-grindcore electronic outbursts. Manuel Oberholzer, (*1979) has played as a bassist in various instrumental groups from early age. As from 1999, he began to dj and to promote electronic events at the internationally renowned Fri-Son club in his hometown of Fribourg. A year later, he launched his electronic live-act Feldermelder, mainly playing in venues of the French part of Switzerland. In 2002 he became the main booker at Fri-Son. Simultaneously, he’s still active with a number of band projects, above all BLACK CARGOES with his brother. After years of experimentation with guitars, drummers and jazz pianists he how returns to his main interest, the electronic music.

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