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CYLS is a german/swiss project consisting of Niels Hesse and Cyril Monnard. They met in August 2012 at “Les Digitales”, a festival taking place in multiple cities in Switzerland. Both of them played in La Chaux-de-Fonds as well as in Zurich with their respective projects “Elektrohandel” (Niels) and “Larkian” (Cyril). After striking for home, Niels and Cyril kept the contact through social media and e-mail.
In early 2013, with the winter dragging on and a growing desire to collaborate, hence making music together, CYLS was founded. Given the distance between their respective homes, the project started by exchanging raw audio files, which have swiftly evolved into complete pieces. These days, Niels and Cyril are adding finishing touches to their first album, which will be released in autumn 2014 in the form of a double vinyl LP.

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