Babalon Anon on Everestrecords

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release Babalon Anon on Everestrecords

Babalon Anon is a MC and spoken word poet from Essex, UK. Babalon Anon’s rapid rhymes and skilled lyrical flow contrast sharply with his performance poetry. Delivered in a style described as “diction adagio” and sharing observations on the inherent pain and beauty of human interaction.

Where The Strange Creatures Live - release-tour

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release Where The Strange Creatures Live - release-tour

Where The Strange Creatures Live album release concerts by A.Spell:

29.03.2013 at City Club, Pully
30.03.2013 at Chat Noir, Carouge/Genève
31.03.2013 at Chollerhalle, Zug
02.04.2013 at B5, Burgdorf
05.04.2013 at F.A.K.T, Basel
06.04.2013 at 1733 Weinlokal, St. Gallen
09.04.2013 at Kaufleuten, Zürich
17.04.2013 at Bee-Flat/Turnhalle, Bern
19.04.2013 at Kunsthaus, Interlaken
20.04.2013 at Art Sonic, Sierre
22.04.2013 at Isebähnli, Baden
24.04.2013 at Riga, Club Kalku Varti, Latvia
25.04.2013 at Daugavpils, Latvian Culture Center, Latvia
26.04.2013 at Kaunas Jazzfestival, Venybes Sqaure, Lithuania
28.04.2013 at Kaunas Jazzfestival, Combo Club, Lithuania
02.05.2013 at Esse, Winterthur
03.05.2013 at Werkstatt, Chur
05.05.2013 at Mokka, Thun

Out now: Where The Strange Creatures Live by A.Spell

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release Out now: Where The Strange Creatures Live by A.Spell

A.Spell are Nadja Stoller on accordion, vocals and loops, Jan Galega Brönnimann on bass clarinet and electronic wizardry and Ronan Skillen on tabla, didgeridoo and a vast extended array of percussion.

With the release of their debut album Where The Strange Creatures Live, they bring music where lyrically and structurally the songs are given special contexts.

Les Digitales Bern 2012 live sets

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release Les Digitales Bern 2012 live sets

The concerts from Les Digitales Festival in Bern 2012 are ready for free download. Check out the live sets of Werner Hasler (Bern), Retrocyclique (Neuchâtel), Johnny Haway (Berlin), Filewile (Bern), Digitalis feat. Maria Capelli (Olten/Bern), Emmanuele de Raymondi (Roma) and Bigeneric (Bern).

Free download here Les Digitales, Bern 2012

Out now: Night-Wandering by Somnambulance

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release Out now: Night-Wandering by Somnambulance

Mainly concentrating on noise-music in the past, the two Zurich residents Valentin Dietrich and Silvan Jeger reduced not only volume and pace, but won depth within their sounds. They adopt the concept of music as something abstract and consecutive; something that spins on in the head of the listener.
Night-Wandering is available as CD with ten tracks.

Night-Wandering Release-Tour

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release Night-Wandering Release-Tour

Night-Wandering album release concerts by Somnambulance:

05.01.2013 at Seismogram, Zürich
11.01.2013 at Feldberg 39, Basel
12.01.2013 at Spazio Culturale Temporaneo, Bellinzona
13.01.2013 at Mullbau, Luzern

Somnambulance on Everestrecords

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release Somnambulance on Everestrecords

For more than a year, Somnambulance have been spinning sound threads of electronic guitars and bass-lines in an alchemical kind of manner, resulting in a somnambulistic structure.
The forthcoming album Night-Wandering will be released 25 January 2013 on Everestrecords.

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