Completed now: Le Pot - She-Hera-Zade

Wednesday 07. September 2016 | Permalink

release Completed now: Le Pot - She-Hera-Zade

On the trilogy She, Hera, Zade of the Jazz Quartet Le Pot

The band Le Pot – comprised of Manuel Mengis on the trumpet, Hans-Peter Pfammatter on piano, synths and Moog, Manuel Troller on the guitar, and Lionel Friedli on percussion – has produced a listening experience of extraordinary caliber with its series She-Hera-Zade, produced by the Swiss label Everest Records.

This trilogy narrates no convoluted story drawn from the Arabian Nights and ending happily ever after. It is a journey into the future. That is, into a time that lies in darkness, a time that we can glimpse only in fragmentary moments of clairvoyance. The band becomes an instrument for divining the fifth dimension. This music, whether referred to as instant composing, avant-improvisation, or simply composition in time, often recalls industrial or dark industrial soundscapes, a network of ambient elements that suggest danger looming. A sonic image gradually takes shape in the form of a triptych, circling around a bright clearing though cloaked in darkness.

Read the whole fairy tale about She-Hera-Zade

Out September 2016: OKRA - OKRA

Friday 08. July 2016 | Permalink

Pianist Oli Kuster and musician and sound artist Robert Aeberhard met for a special kind of cooperation: «OKRA» is a duo for piano and sounds. The grand piano as a sophisticated and well-established instrument meets raw soundscapes, made of field-recordings collected from all kinds of places in the world.

Out now: Bigeneric - Ormea

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release Out now: Bigeneric - Ormea

Following Marco Repetto’s sonic journey on the last Bigeneric album, The Amaranth Fields, into the essences, exquisite nectars, and intoxicating flower-fragrances of plants, with his new Bigeneric Album Ormea, Marco now turns his attention to the ramified aural structures of sonic perception. Snow sounds are transformed into driving primeval rhythms, while subtle, unbridled, psychedelically sensuous sound sequences give rise to vivid, spectral inner films that contrive to dissolve the here and now in the most wonderful way.

Out now: OUT - Werner Hasler I the outer string

Thursday 07. April 2016 | Permalink

release Out now: OUT - Werner Hasler I the outer string

Werner Hasler and the musicians of ‘the outer string’ bring sounds and pictures from the exterior to the interior. Six recordings made in landscapes and spaces – serving as ad-hoc studios – in Liechtenstein, Berne and Paris form the core of the project.
The supple sounds of the trumpet coupled with cello, drums and electronics interweave, penetrate, veil or even fight against the will-less sonic wash of the outside. More…

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